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Our history


In 2011 Sydney Entrepreneurs David Shepherd and Gianpaolo Federici decided to call Melbourne home and settled in the township of Healesville in the Yarra Valley. During earlier visit's, the two noticed a lack of options in town for a simple coffee and fresh pastry.

In September 2011 Essenza, Italian for (essence) was born and construction started on a unused alley way now home to the Iconic cafe. What followed was a overwhelming journey for the Business and the cafe was a instant hit. 

Never seen before in Healesville  was the Yarra Valley's first Italian inspired Espresso bar serving nearly 2000 people per week.

The Success of Essenza allowed the couple to diversify into accommodation and a Restaurant with events space. In 2015 the couple decided to focus on one brand, and along the way popularity grew baking and serving hundred's of people a day.

The industry was taking note of this little cafe winning numerous awards and accolades, when the pair recognized the potential of the concept they had created and wanted to share this with more than just visitors to the Valley.

In early 2016 Expansion was on the cards, under sole Direction, Gianpaolo Federici would grant a license for a second site opening in 2017 and a third in 2018 with a fourth planned for 2019.

In April 2019, after 8 years  A.C.T | Australian Coffee Traders Inc, became the new single owner of the Iconic Essenza brand and joins Kafe Kulcha Espresso at its new home.

About us

Hidden in a converted laneway in the heart of the Yarra Valley lies Essenza’s
flagship store the original cafe established 2011.
An Italian styled espresso bar, serving up some of the finest coffee, tea and
chocolate beverages as well as award winning hospitality,
with food designed for sharing, this is the heart and foundation of the brand.
Located in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley, Essenza is a family owned
business part of ACT | Australian Coffee Traders Network.
Essenza ethos is simple. We like to make a difference and one way we
continue today is to offer whole foods that are organic. In addition we prefer to 
use products that are bio dynamic, sustainable, organic, recycled or as natural 
nature intended it to be.
From our Olive oil to our sugar and salt, condiments to cups and packaging and
our effort in reducing pollution, will make a difference. You might even ask
yourself why does it all taste so good. 
We're a espresso bar at heart and coffee is in our blood. We are the cafe 
with a big heart.
On your next visit to Essenza, have a chat to us about this. Our staff are more
than happy to have a chat.
Welcome to Essenza.