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Welcome to our little journey.  We are Australian Coffee Traders known as ACT. 

From April 1st 2019 we became the new single owner of the Iconic Cafe Brand Essenza.

Established in 2011, the essence of Essenza has grown from local hero into a business model and brand we just needed to have.

As we continue to strive for retail excellence, it's important for us to see what makes Essenza so unique, work with the creative people behind the brand and meet the customer's and supplier's who have supported Essenza for a long time.

While we start with all our online service's and freshen thing's up a little, keep a eye out for exciting little changes.


We are currently updating our detail's across the media. Contact detail's can be found on our main website at or simply click contact on our page here.


We have now introduced SQUARE our EFTPOB device. This little white square device located on the front counter will help processing payments even faster, meaning we take a order from you sooner and you get your caffeine fix even quicker.

THE GOOD NEWS,  as SQUARE doesn't charge a monthly terminal fee, we decided not to pass on the charge, so now we have zero dollar surcharge and processing fees on any transaction inc AMEX at Essenza.


We understand that the economic climate is not very kind to us and the simple little luxuries like going out are not as frequent as we want them to be. At Essenza we like to know what our supporting businesses offer, it help's us suggest and offer alternatives as we are limited in size and space and offering. We like to promote and have customers support other local business. Essenza is 28% cheaper than other comparable cafes in the area, and for that reason we avoid putting our prices up. We're always looking at ways to help people save. You will notice a few changes in pricing all down. Another way to save even more is with (MIA TAZZA) my cup refill only $3.50 or use to order coffee food and drinks on line at a reduced price.


During Autumn and Winter the trade various quite significantly with cold morning's causing a very slow start, before everyone is up and mobile. We are currently trialing different hours, against productivity. Our customer at ESSENZA is seeking out a later brunch offering and late lunch with coffee cake later of the afternoon and or evening trade. While we trial different hours please check back with us for up to date trading day on our welcome page.

Spring and Summer will resume to daylight saving hours.


We've introduced a quick serve option for those on the go. A classic Panino or savory option is available from the display. These Panini are different to our menu offering with half the amount of ingredient's for quick toasting and easy eating, while keeping the budget in mind.


Saving you time and money, SKIP.COM.AU make's ordering on line easy. Simply download the app, register payment details and never wait for food and drink again. The highest quality Coffee available from $3.30 (after discounts)


Now when you see a orange DOT on food items displayed , this is to inform that the item is Gluten Free. As well as our menu, alot of our dishes are gluten free. So sit back relax enjoy espresso and Brunetti Biscotti. ORANGE DOT | may contain tracers of nuts, gluten


Essenza Cafe, now has a full time Event team. This has allowed us to bring back the ever popular dinner series and events. While interruptions to Cafe service may happened on Event days , our dinners and evets are talk of the town and preparations are important. See whats coming on our events page and Dinner nights. Sunscribe for future updates.